Testimonial #1:

I am a single 34 year old female school administrator who was involved in an auto accident. I injured my lower back and suffered from chronic pain. My doctor prescribed Vicodin for pain and physical therapy for rehabilitation. My tolerance for pain medication increased and I became addicted to the pain medication. I started taking more than what I was prescribed and I began buying the additional Vicodin pain pills on the street. As a result, I was unable to work. I contacted the EARS Recovery Program by recommendation of my Doctor. I made an appointment and started treatment. Dr. Simon A. Zysman and his clinical staff treated me with dignity and respect. They treat addiction as a disease. They took me off the pain killers and put me on Suboxone and other medications. As a result of counseling and medication assisted therapy, my life began to change for the better. My pain became more tolerable, I had more energy, felt more alert, more aware, and I was able to regain self control. My functional capacity damatically improved and I was able to return to work. I am now able to function at work and my life has become more enjoyable and productive.

I felt very comfortable relating and interacting with the staff at EARS. They are highly knowledgeable and caring individuals who helped me to achieve recovery from the disease of opioid addiction.

I recommend the EARS Recovery Program to anyone in need of addiction treatment without reservations. 

Thank you for giving me my life back.


Ms. M 

Testimonial #2:
I am a 58 year old alcoholic. My wife divorced me because of my alcoholism and my adult married daughter and mother of two children wanted nothing to do with me. I was very depressed and lonely. I only found comfort making love to my bottle of Vodka. I started treatment at EARS and my life began to change. Today I am a recovering alcoholic who takes his medication to control for alcohol cravings, anxiety, and depression. I participate in counseling, and attend AA. The EARS program helped me to deal with my terminally ill parents, their eventual death, and bereavement issues without relapsing on alcohol. I now have a relationship with my daughter, son-in-law, and my two grandchildren. I am maintaining a relationship with my daughter and we go on an annual family vacation one time per year for one week. Today I am making better choices and my life is more productive and meaningful.

Dr. Simon A. Zysman and his staff are very understanding, non judgmental, compassionate, and caring people. They are a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you for helping me to find my way to recovery and reconciling with my family.


Mr. O

Testimonial #3:
I am a 28 year old female with a history of addiction to heroin. In order to support my heroin addiction I use to shoplift. I relapsed and was again arrested for stealing. Upon release from jail I was placed on 5 years probation and was mandated to chemical dependency treatment. I attended treatment at another program for 15 months 6 days per week. My craving for heroin, depression, and excessive anxiety persisted. A friend referred me to EARS for treatment separate and apart from my mandated Intesive Outptient Program (IOP). An intake was done at EARS and the decision was made to start treatment on Suboxone. Within one week my cravings for heroin, depression, and excess anxiety had substantially decreased. I had more energy, was sleeping better, felt more animated, no longer avoided social interaction with family, and felt more ”normal”. After 60 days of treatment, my mother was happy to have me back, the way I was before becoming an addict. My probation officer was amazed by my noticeable improvement, and my mandated program reduced the IOP visits from 6 days per week to 3 days per week. After 90 days my mandated IOP treatment was completed and I was discharged. I continued my treatment on Suboxone and counseling at EARS. I started college pursuing a career as a Para-legal and I did well academically. I got a part time job working in a medical doctor’s office and after one year I became the Office Manager on a full time basis. I am now engaged to be married and have fully re-integrated into my family. They are all very proud of me. Probation terminated my legal obligation early due to the dramatic improvement in treatment and good behavior. I am taking my medication as prescribed and participate in individual counseling at EARS. I am never leaving the EARS program because you gave me my life back. I am happy and content with my life today.

Thank you for saving my life.

Ms. V.

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